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Thread: Questions from a newbie in need.
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David VanHorn wrote:
> >
> >3,000,000 lines/10years = 300,000 lines/year
> >300,000 lines/200days = 1500 lines/day
> >
> >Whew, impressive. How the heck do you code so
> >fast? [need a job?]
> Look ma, no bugs!
> nop
> nop
> nop
> nop
> ...
> ;-)

Wasn't it standard practice at Microsoft to pay
teams by the code size produced?? That's why
Windows is so huge, i'm sure a good games
programmer could fit it and all its graphics on
a floppy. Anyone remember what Andrew Braybrook
used to fit in a Commodore 64 game? Ah... those
were the days. People cared about making software
WORK and making it SMALL. Now they just want a
bigger budget than the other team. :o)

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