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"Bourdon, Bruce" wrote:
> Wynn:
> Enjoyed reading your past several posts.
> Was wondering if you had a website as it would be neat to see some of the
> stuff you've done.
> I've been into the hobby almost as long (late '70s), I remember the S-100s,
> the Altairs and Imsai-8008s (or were they 8080s?).
> My first computer was an "Elf" based on the RCA Cosmac 1802, purchased mail
> order from the back of one of the old Popular/Radio Electronics rags... was
> $99 (almost as much as I paid for my first car a couple of years later) for
> the minimal system: hexkeypad, hex LED display, and a wopping 256 bytes of
> total storage (RAM).

If you haven't seen this site, you've got to take a look


Jim Korman

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