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Thread: Website?
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Enjoyed reading your past several posts.

Was wondering if you had a website as it would be neat to see some of the
stuff you've done.

I've been into the hobby almost as long (late '70s), I remember the S-100s,
the Altairs and Imsai-8008s (or were they 8080s?).

My first computer was an "Elf" based on the RCA Cosmac 1802, purchased mail
order from the back of one of the old Popular/Radio Electronics rags... was
$99 (almost as much as I paid for my first car a couple of years later) for
the minimal system: hexkeypad, hex LED display, and a wopping 256 bytes of
total storage (RAM).

Went through the TRS-80 line until the PCs were the only "reasonable"

One more note on old time systems: I live in southern NH and occasionally
visit Boston, sometimes for the "Computer Museum." They have an Arithmetic
Logic Unit from one of the old NORAD early warning systems (would calculate
intercept vectors, etc.) - it is larger than a small house! You walk down a
corridor between banks of tube-based logic modules (removable to facilitate
quick repair).

If your ever in that area, it's pretty cool...

Sadly, though I've seen alot, I still create code at a snails pace. :(

Bruce (and no, no web site on my end).

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