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Thread: Maths Problem
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Multiplying by 10 in binary can be quite fast and simple:

10 = 8+2 = 2^3 + 2

Multiplication by a power of two can be accomplished by shifting, so in C

result = input*10;

can be written

result = input<<3 + input<<1;

or, more efficiently on some machines (such as PIC's):

result = ((input<<2)+input)<<1;

For 16 bits in assembler:

       cblock  0x20
       input:2 ;little-endian, i.e. least significant byte first

       movfw   input                   ;result = input
       movwf   result
       movfw   input+1
       movwf   result+2

       clrc                            ;result = result<<2
       rlf     result,f
       rlf     result+1,f
       rlf     result,f
       rlf     result+1,f

       movfw   input                   ;result += input
       addwf   result,f
       incf    result+1,f              ;carry
       movfw   input+1
       addwf   result+1,f

       clrc                            ;result <<=1;
       rlf     result,f
       rlf     result+1,f

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