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Thread: Maths Problem
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Philip Martin wrote:

>I have got a routine to convert 16 or 24 bit to BCD and that works
fine. But
>what I need is a routine to convert BCD to 16 bit, does anyone know the
>location of such a routine or, how best to go about this.

Well there is a very easy way ( albeit fairly slow :) ) ( I'm using
it as I get digit by digit entered on keyboard ( and user input
tend to be slow if compared to pic-speed :) ) Anyway here goes:
In the case of a 24 bit variable 'allocate' 3 bytes of data
clear them. Add the left mostdigit, multiply by 10 add the next
digit etc. etc. *very* easy albeit slow as said.
24bit*10 can be generated by the code generator.
There are faster way to do this but sofar I haven't had the need for
such an routine.


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