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Thread: Help 16c71 a/d displays 256 with half Vref supply.
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At 09:16 PM 1/18/01 -0700, Rene Chauvet wrote:
>I Was Playing around with the A/D on the 16c71 and I found that with a
>supply of 5.11V the a/d indicates 256 at 2.55V then loops.
>So at 0V it displays 0 at 2.55 it displays 256, at 2.6 it displays 0V and at
>5.11 it displays 256.
>Does anyone know why this it happening and how to get it to display 0 at 0V,
>128 at 2.55V and 256 at 5.11V like it's suppose to. I tried it with both the
>internal Vref and RA3ref(external)

How are you displaying the result?  It sure looks as if you have dropped
the MSB of the a/d result somewhere and are actually only using the lower 7


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Subject (change) Help 16c71 a/d displays 256 with half Vref supply.

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