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Thread: PIC16F877 Programmer question.
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I just finished building the PIC16F84 programmer described in Microchips
article AN589.

I am using code from:

- called IC-Prog (rev 1.03B).

I've tried to program two different families of devices (which it is
supposed to support) and had the following results:

Read Test:
Appears to read Pic16C71 ok.

Pic16f877 always reads 0x3f8c from program memory.

Program Test:
Pic16C71 remained blank - no bits changed.
Pic16f877 remained "blank" - still always reads 0x3f8c from program memory.

Note that electronics appear to be functionaing properly - looked over
breifly with o'scope. Program voltage about 12.7 (at MCLR pin), RB3
grounded, RB7 and RB6 look like valid data and clocks respectively, ...

I will try to verify what is being passed to and from the device in serial
stream later, also clock freq (looks about 40uS or 25khz) & delay periods.


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