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Thread: Reading Outputs as Inputs
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
>> I'm surprised at this! With all the professionals
>> on this list, I have become used to the "never go
>> outside the spec" attitude, like never exceeding
>> clock frequency etc. I really don't like the idea
>Is it really that different to driving directly into the base of a transistor?
>The impression I have is


people on this list would do that to drive a relay
>or other high current load without a resistor between the output from the PIC
>and the base of the transistor - we get enough messages on the list about
>reading back the port state when doing this.

I think you should change "most" here to "some".

It always gives me spinal-willies to hear about people doing
this sort of thing. I always assume [perhaps wrongly] that
these people are simply not trained as EE's.

- danM

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