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Thread: Subroutin for a pause
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I'm new to pic programing, and I've encouterd a problem, doing a pause.
Right now I'm using the decreas command to make a short pause, this is the

       movlw   200             ; load count1 with decimal 200
       movwf   count1
d1      movlw   200             ; load count2 with decimal 200
       movwf   count2

d2      decfsz  count2,1        ; decrement and skip next line if zero
       goto    d2              ; if not zero
       decfsz  count1,1        ; decrement count1 if count2 is zero
       goto    d1              ; do inside loop again if count2 nz
       retlw   00

But after calling it in a program a couple of times, the pause gets shorter
and shorter. Have I maybe forgotten to reset or clear something? Or Does
anybody know a better way of initiating a pause.

Any help is very appreciated

Best Regards
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