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Thread: Questions from a newbie in need.
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       See about purchasing the programmer/development tool from Parallax.  Part
#PICPGM-ND in Digi-Key.  It's a good, fast way to get started.  Buy a few of
the PIC 16C5X series ucontrollers (EPROM configuration), also from Digi-Key,
to ge started with the basics.  Then graduate to the 6X's, 7X's and newer
ones.  My personal favorite is the PIC 66.

       As you get more familiar with them make your life easier by purchasing the
ClearView Mathias emulator from TechTools and familiarize yourself with the
TechTools assembler instruction set.

Personal opinion I >>> on such small ucontroller like PIC's stay away from
C, stick to assembly.  Assembly is not hard and is very compact and

Personal opinion II >>>> also stick with Digi-Key (see about opening an
account).  Few vendors are as reliable, friendly and as easy to work with.
I also highly rate TechTools for their good products and very easy and quick
phone help


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