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Thread: : CCS compiler - Optimizing code in main() function
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>When I compile my program it says 94 % used. I ad on line of code an it is
>out of ROM space or segment to large. I suspect the segment contains the
>main() function is to large. How do I get some code move out of this

The #separate directive forces a function to be separate when the compiler
might want to make it inline.
Look in the back of your CCS manual in the "Common Questions and Answers"
section for their answer to the question "Why do I get an OUT OF ROM error
when there seems to be ROM left?" for a discussion of your exact situation.
Also from the CCS manual, be aware of this note when using the #separate
directive:  "The compiler will make all procedures marked SEPARATE
as requested even if there is not enough stack space to execute"

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