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Thread: Reading Outputs as Inputs
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Bob Ammerman wrote:

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Hi Bob, I hear everything you're saying, and I didn't
question your (or the other person's) professionality
for a second. :o)

It just seems somewhat un-"piclist like" to discuss the
correct way to drive a pic pin into a dead short as
a "normal" way of measuring the pin state. It surprised

Your argument is sound re the input and output impedances,
although I do question the calc based on max sourcing and
sinking as these are recommended max I, not actual max I.
I'm sure the PIC pin will drive more than 20-25mA if
driven into a short...

But it still raises the point, why are people so harsh
re the overclocking argument but quite happy to discuss
the "correct" method of driving a PIC pin into a dead
short. You could probably come up with some good arguments
why overclocking by 20% will probably perform great too,
but I'm not going to rush to try either grey area.
Out of spec is out of spec. Next we'll be discussing the
best way to drive a 10amp load with a 3amp transistor,
using time constants and such as our argument??? ;o)

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