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Thread: PIC16F877 & Hi-Tech C - compiler problem?
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> To Michael Dipperstein, Bob Blick, & Mike Mansheim:
> Thanks for the info guys. I'll try out your suggestions. I'd hate to have
> migrate to a larger PIC this late in the game, but might have to. I'll
> report back my results to the list later.
>         Sam....


You don't have to, just add bank1, or bank2, or bank3 in front of some of
your other variable declarations.
This doesn't work with automatic variables (variables declared in fuctions)
just static (file scope) variables.

unsigned char tmp;


bank1 unsigned char tmp;

knock yourself out.

Wynn Rostek.

P.S. Check Section 5.19.2 Bank1, Bank2, Bank3 Type Qualifiers, page 140 of
the new manual.

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