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Thread: Serial (RTC+EEPROM)
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>>Is there any SERIAL real-time clock + EEPROM out there ? Could not find it
>>from Dallas, Maxim, Atmel,...
>Philips do a serial RTC in their I2C range. I think it has CMOS ram as well -
>not much sense in EEPROM when you need a battery to run the clock :) Check out
>PCF8593 parts.
Many (most?)  RTC chips also have a small amount of SRAM built in. Not
much point in using EEPROM if you have a clock battery - the only
point of an eeprom here is if data robustness is really important
(e.g. calibration data) - there are sufficiently few times this is the
case that I doubt you'll find an RTC+EEPROM anywhere. EEPROMs are
hardly big or expensive so this is no big deal.  
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