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Thread: Reading Outputs as Inputs
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following on from bob's suggestion of detecting the open circuit state too, how about:

; if pin n port x is pulled high  => result = 0xfe, pin is driven high
; if pin n port x is pulled low   => result = 0x00, pin is driven low
; if pin n port x is open circuit => result = 0xff, pin is driven high
; i.e. bit0 set => open circuit, bits7..1 = pin state
bsf    PORTx, n
clrf   result     ; h:00 o:00 l:00
btfsc  PORTx, n
decf   result, f  ; h:ff o:ff l:00

bcf    PORTx, n
decf   result, f  ; h:fe o:fe l:ff
btfss  PORTx, n
incfsz result, f  ; h:fe o:ff l:00
bsf    PORTx, n   ; set pin high to match state


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