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Thread: Rocket Altimeter Project
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> >Pressed black powder motors such as the estes c6-5 are known to be
> >sensitive to temperature cycling.  The paper casing and the black powder
> >slug have slight different thermal expansion ratios, and repeated or
> >extreme temperature changes can cause the propellant to separate enough
> >from the casing to allow the flame front to burn between them.  When this
> >happens, the slug ignites all over, overpressurizes the casing, and
> >(usually) flies out the front of the motor/rocket like a roman candle
> >There's a rule of thumb that goes something like "don't launch at a motor
> >temperature more than 30F lower than the max temperature the motor has
> >stored at."  (Didn't the original message come from someone up at
> >where I imagine it's very cold at the moment?)

Too bad NASA didn't know this when they launched Challenger :-(

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