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Thread: Has anyone made their own multitasker for a PIC or SX device?
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Hello Neil,

i once did that on a 8049 in the late 80s.
I used an empty main loop to wait for the next int. Therefore all threads
did need to finish before the next int happened. Since every task was ended
before a second int, there was no need to store the exit point which is
always the same. Also the routines are always executed from the start. That
means no worry about the next entry point.
Drawback is to always waste some time in the empty mainloop.
On the other hand, if you let your threads execute until the next int
happens then you would waste no time but you will need to store your exit
point for the next entry.
But i think you will have no good chance to do that because the next int
pop you off your actual task without any warning.

Germain Morbe

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Subject (change) Has anyone made their own multitasker for a PIC or SX device?

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