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Thread: Rocket Science (Altimeter Project)
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> > I think you'd have less thrust and the gas can escape more easily.
> >
> > What would really do it is if the propellant cracked and a piece of
> > it blocked the opening in the nozzle.  Then the pressure would
> > rise until something gave way (in other words you just created
> > a bomb).

I have also seen occluded nozzles in the estes products. This would give
you low thrust, but I don't believe a longer burn duration. I think the
chamber pressure and temp goes up, hopefully it dosen't split the casing.

The aerotech system is SO much better! Graphite nozzles, O-Rings, Composite
propellant, which dosen't crack, because it's like a pencil eraser, gummy
not like a rock.

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