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Thread: Rocket Altimeter Project
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Hi Dave,

No, they were Estes C6-5's. So, I take it that you think it was just a
coincidence and that age wasn't the reason?(They were never taken out of
the package, just sat sealed up for 5 years). One thing that was strange
was that I heard a slight cracking sound when I pushed the little ignitor
plug in. At the time I thought that it was the ignitor itself and figured
"well, it will either work or not". I don't recall seeing the nozzle crack,
but I wonder if it cracked the propellent somehow? BTW, why does cracked
propellent cause an explosion? It was a very violent explosion, too; did a
lot of damage to the base of my launch stand.

What about the reduced thrust? I looked on Estes's site and couldn't find
the tolerance on thrust figures. 30% seems like a lot.

I hope to try some higher power engines (like F and G) soon, but in this
case, I had already built the rocket and it was intended for C's.



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