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Thread: Anyone want my Tek2221?
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My Tektronix 2221 w/ GPIB opt just quit a few days back.  The problem is
clear.. the horizontal sweep does not sweep.  The computer overlay
portions obviously still work, as the graphics are all still there, but
the analog/digital mode switch results in the same trace.. a dot in the
center of the screen.  So the sweep is broke in the analog sweep
portions of the front end.  I think.

So I hunted around and chose a 4 channel instead, and ordered it.  I
offered the 2221 as trade, and they said no thanks.  If someone offers
me a fair price, I will ship it off to them.  I thought I would offer my
Piclist friends first dibs.  If nobody wants it, I will probably Ebay it

No manual or probes, sorry.

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Chris Eddy~

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