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Thread: Entries in a look-up table
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Christian Dorner wrote:
> > I would imagine you could have as many as would fit, minus the
> > application itself, and the overhead for the multi-page table call.
> Yes, you're right! It's possible to expand the table with dealing the PCLATH
> or to jump between several tables around to expand. (I use this in my
> current application to load the text for several display messages.)
> But you have still to care about the 256 word block for computed gotos - the
> base of (maybe) every lookup table.
> Please correct me if i went wrong.

Hey I want to confirm something here! :o) I am about to use
a 256 byte table for the first time (I have used smaller
ones often), and I was going to put the entire 256 words
in one block, and put the "addwf PCL,f" in the word
preceding it.

So will this work?? Obviously I will have set PCLATH
to the correct block for the table data itself.

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