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Thread: multiplexers
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Stephen B Webb wrote:
> > p.s.  Switching at Frame Rate is not (in video terms) switching
> > "quickly" in fact this is the slowest switching rate.
> Switching at frame rate is a heck of a lot quicker than my Sony home
> theatre receiver will let me do.
> I said "quickly" to impress that I didn't mean that I would be
> switching once every few minutes or so - and that I need to maintain a
> clean sync signal, etc.  (ie a relay ainn't gonna cut it)
> -Steve

Steve, in the TV industry is it common to use the cheap
4066 quad analog switch chip for AV switching. I buy them
by the bagful. They will switch at frame rate with no probs,
and will switch the standard "AV inputs/outputs" that come
from the back of your set. And they will commonly fail
with weird faults after 6+ years in a hot environment.
Especially the Toshiba brand chips. :o)

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