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Thread: Emulators
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>A PIC emulator is a program that pretends to be a PIC so that you can run
>PIC program on it to see if it will work on a real PIC.  With the bonuses
>seeing what happens to ports, RAM and internal settings (like the status
>register) at each program step.

What I normally call an "emulator" is an "in-circuit emulator", which is a
piece of hardware that plugs into your circuit in place of the micro.  It
then becomes the micro, but is under the control of your pc (usually via
MPLAB).  It is intended to behave just like the real thing, with the
troubleshooting benefits of being able to stop execution (break points),
look at file registers, etc.
A program (i.e. done only in software) that does this is called a
"simulator" in MPLAB.
I like the simulator when working on code elements that only affect the
file registers (e.g. math routines).  However, for anything that affects
the ports and other peripherals, the emulator is the only way to go (if
you can afford it - they're not cheap).

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