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Thread: Battlebots
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At 09:34 PM 1/17/01 +1300, you wrote:
>> Who knows. Too easy to fall asleep while watching anyway.
>> They are more like RC-controlled lawnmowers and chainsaws
>> on wheels than what you would think of as a bot. Brawn rules,
>> stealth usually gets caught and hammered into pudding. Fun
>> for 8 YO's
>I must have a bit more stamina than you Dan. I'm wide awake
>at 8:30

Comes on here at 11:30 saturday nite. Glass of warm milk,
and bye bye little birdie.

>Best bot I recall seeing on Robotwars was a very cunning one
>that could retract everything and had no space underneath for
>a flipper to get under.

Best I saw had a hydraulic-driven retractable whale harpoon.
Unfortunately, the electronics failed right off, and it got
lifted up by a house bot and roasted over the fire pit.

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