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Thread: [BUY]power supply design
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Jane Ifurung wrote:
>We are doing a project where we are using single 12V
>power supply. We wanted to run +/-5V, +/-12V, and +3V
>on our single board to be derived from the single +12V
>power supply. Is there a single voltage regulator that
>can do this?

If you check their site, TI may have a chip that provides
several of these voltages - look especially for parts intended
for portable devices, like cell phones.

I have a project where I did this the "hard" way -[ie, maximum
linear approach preferred by me], but certainly other piclisters
have been more clever:

12vdc@500mA -+--> 7805 [5v@300mA]
wallwart     +--> 78L12 -+--> 78L06 [+6v@20mA]
                        +--> 7662 [-12v@40mA] --> 79L06 [-6v@20mA]

The 78L06 and 79L06 provide power for opamps and sine generators.
All the values were chosen to provide just enough overhead to keep
all the regulators doing their jobs. With bipolar opamps, +/-6v
power allows the upper rail to just make +5v to feed into the
A/D of a PIC.

hope this helps,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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