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Thread: Battlebots
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Captain Jinx wrote:
>"Battlebots - A contest of engineering, strategy and creativity
>in which radio-controlled robots equipped with an array of
>destructive weaponry try to knock each other out"

Captain Jinx, sir, you may be interested to know that "Tekno the
Robot Dog" is rated #15 best seller at Toysrus, just squeezing
past "Diva Starz: Glam Girl Alexa" and the pets.com sock puppet.

Unfortunately, your little friend Poo-Chi didn't rate in the
top100, but "Meow-Chi in Pink" did rate #64.

For more info, click "Top Sellers":  http://www.toysrus.com

Also, if you ever wondered why George Lucas is so darn rich,
about half the top100 sellers are Star Wars derivatives :).

- danM

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