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Thread: grounding unused inputs
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At 03:55 PM 1/15/01 -0500, David VanHorn wrote:

>I see what you mean here.
>On the AVR or Z8, this isn't a problem because the tris-equivalent
>registers can't be modified by inputs like this.

Hi there, Dave.

Something you wrote puzzles me - maybe there is yet another PIC wrinkle
that I am not aware of.  Is there any condition where the TRIS register can
be changed by something happening on the port pins?  If so, this is a new
problem to me!

The only port related problem I can think of right now is the
read-modify-write issue - its not a problem since I am aware of it.  But I
am not aware of a TRIS register susceptibility.  Is there a problem
there?  What causes it and what does it do?

I always check or refresh TRIS and other important registers simply because
I can't predict what a nasty ESD or EMI event might do to me - all I can do
is deal with the problem if it happens.  But it sure doesn't happen during
normal operation.


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