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Thread: CCS C and MPLAB error
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>For the last few weeks, I have been using CCS's PCW
>(Windows C Compiler Package)...

Because you refer to PCW, I'm curious how you are using CCS' compiler.
It can be used as it's own IDE, in which case I don't know the hook to
MPLAB.  Or you can use MPLAB as the IDE - then MPLAB knows to invoke the
CCS compiler at compile time.  In this case, you are using either
PCM (14 bit) or PCB (12 bit); there is no PCW choice.  I use the latter
setup, and have never experienced a problem like what you are describing.
I have two situations that can occasionally lock things up, but neither
is "permanent" as you describe yours to be:
- when MPLAB expects the emulator and the emulator is missing
- when the processor type doesn't agree between the IDE and any given

After you've rebuilt the entire environment, what happens if you
remove the (apparently) offending comment line, and re-compile?

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