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Thread: Newbie using a PIC16F84
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dans_pic_stuff wrote:

>I have the EPIC Programmer, PIC Basic Pro, a few PIC16F84 chips, and a pile
of 4Mhz resonators.  I know nothing about assembly language and would rather
use PBasic instead, so is the PIC16F84 a close match or are there some
things it won't do that the Stamp2 can do?  I am having problems with a
program that works on the BS2 but not on my PIC that sends serial data to
serial LCD display at 9600 Baud...

It's not clear from your description, but in case you haven't realized
it, you actually have to learn to program the PIC cpu per se, whereas
with the Stamp, you use some kind of Parallax token-language that has
all kinds of library functions built-in. First stop, see PIC datasheets
at microchip.com.

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