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Thread: Surface mount components
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- What are the tools used by professionals for removal of surface mount
parts? How expensive are they?

We have two Metcal solder stations around here for the guys that do the
solder work.  These are high frequency, "instant on" devices.  In
addition to a soldering tip, they have an attachment that could best
be described as a soldering tweezer, which allows both sides of a
SM component to be heated and also grasped for removal.  Very quick
and easy - even I can do it.  The inserts for the tweezers range in
size from a tip for doing resistors and such, to large "paddles" that
allow a SM pic to be removed just as quickly.  They cost approx US

by the way - different subject:  I use Lotus Notes and don't ever see
an "att1.eml" file at the end of the stuff echoed back to me.  Does the
list see this file and I don't because I'm also reading in Notes??

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