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You can pic resistors off easily by alternately heating each end
>Considering the cost of the resistor, it's of course pointless to waste time
>and energy to salvage it from a junk board. But when you need it urgently,
>this may be a better option.
>Now, my questions:
> - Are there other (better) methods of removing surface mount parts from a
>board when you only have the soldering iron and the desoldering pump?
> - What are the tools used by professionals for removal of surface mount
>parts? How expensive are they?
Forget puimps. Use a good quality desolder braid - Soder-Wick by
Chemtronics is by far the best I've found. For SO chips, this will
usually clean off enough of the solder that you can then just lever
the chip off the PCB without damaging either - the remaining solder is
so thin it just snaps cleanly. A wipe with a flux pen first also
helps. A large, half-inch long blade bit on your iron is also a very quick
way of remofing small SO chips.
For bulk removal of parts from scrap boards, a hot-air paintstripping
gun is highly effective and very cheap. Again, spraying the board with
rework flux first seems to help.

A Weller PyroPen gas soldering iron with the hot-air tip is also very

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