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Thread: EE challenge PIC && 12V
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Germain Morbe wrote:
> Hello Roman,
> i agree to all of your suggestions except that you assume it might be
> possible to keep the power with only 1 transistor. At experiments i made
> years ago about that, i found no solution for the following behavior.
> Imagine you use an NPN in the negative line. As soon as the pic completed
> its task it cuts itself from the groundline by outputting a low potential to
> the NPNs base. This stops the current flow and as a result to that the whole
> circuit floats against the positve potential. Also the portpin to the NPNs
> base. It is no longer able to output a zero but rises up to 12V which in
> fact turns the NPN on again resp. will not turn it off at all.

Ha ha! I didn't say it was easy, just that it
should be possible. That's why it's a challenge.
I can think of a few ways to start with, that
*might* lead to a solution, but I'm curious to
see what the experts come up with. :o)

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