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Thread: Surface mount components
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Bala Chandar wrote:

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I do it "professionally" (or for a living anyway!!
ha ha!) using a standard soldering iron. SM parts are
rugged, and by far the best way to work them is

I put a blob of solder on the tip of the iron,
stick it beside the resistor so it engulfs both
the connections, the resistor comes off instantly,
and gets stuck in the surface tension of the blob
on the end of the iron. One "flick" of the wrist
and the part flings off onto the workbench and
the right velocity removes all the solder from
it. You now have a clean part ready for microscope
inspection with one of those radio shack $15
30x units. Note sometimes the parts have a heat
proof glue as well, they take a little bit of
prying with a tiny jewellers screwdriver, but
again heat both pins at once. Forget solder
removal, think part removal. It's quicker to do
it and clean the mess up later than try to work
on a microscopic level.

I can remove resistors, etc in about one second
each, examine them all and put each one back in
a few seconds with tweezers. And I still hate
them! ;o)

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