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Thread: Opinions spought on Electrostatic dissipation7
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Russell McMahon wrote:
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Russell, this is VERY unscientific, but it works!
We use polypropyline plastic tubs, the cheap clear
ones they use for take away food. We buy them in
boxes of 500 with lids. They stack well, and you
can see inside.

We had many shelves in all 3 shops stacked high
with these with 20 years of saved components, used
and new. In TV industry you save chips, some you
can never source again. Now we have one main shop
and many of the parts are in my home workshop, wall
to wall. I am probably the only guy here with
10,000+ assorted transistors in my home.

Never ever had a problem, and we have apprentices
constantly rummaging in the tubs and pouring
parts in and out. And they get transported in cars,
rubbing on carpet and seats. :o)

PS. I priced "nice" drawers and stuff, we were
up for thousands of dollars to duplicate the
setup we have now in "proper" drawers. Obviously
we left it how it is.

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