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Thread: Surface mount components
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Dan Michaels wrote:
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Hi Dan, do you have a frequency meter, you know,
usually about 7 digits and can switch for

My favorite cap tester is home made, its more
accurate for very small caps, I just used a
hex inverter oscillator (very simple!) and run
the freq meter on "period" and adjusted the
resistor so that it reads correct. I made it
when I was about 15 and it has worked well
for 20 years. It's inside the freq meter box,
(which was a kit one), with it's own switch and
two short leads to keep lead capacitance down.
Since then I have purchased dedicated units,
but nothing measure sub 100pf parts like mine,
and with 7 digit accuracy, good for "seeing"
caps drift off value with heat, time, etc. :o)
The commercial ones have leads too long and
are never good for very small caps. I let the
apprentices use them.

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