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Thread: EE challenge PIC &&12V Battery
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Germain Morbe wrote:
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I'm not a remote guru, but it does seem the max
priority is to conserve the battery.

I would use the buttons to switch the entire
power to the PIC (and regulator), and use a fet
or transistor to keep the power on under PIC
control until it decides it is finished doing
the task.

For the 3 button dilemma, I would use 3 diodes,
one from each button to the PIC power Vdd, this
is the common for all three buttons of course.
Then each button is also connected to one PIC
input pin. This will allow any button to power
the PIC, and also activate its own input pin.

The diodes will drop 0.6v, assuming cheap diodes,
but you only have to get the PIC running long
enough for it to turn the transistor on, and
then you have full power anyway. :o)

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