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Thread: Surface mount components
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Bob Ammerman wrote:
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> > Some sub-10R resistors are marked X.Y whch is X.Y ohms. Sub-ohm are
> > sometimes marked .XX or .X. There are also single-color markings. F.ex.
> > 'zero ohm' resistors are often bottle green. With some imagination they
> > could pass for 0.05R. There are also zero ohm R's marked with a single 0.
> I have also seen zero ohm R's marked with a single black band smack in the
> middle.

There are lots of these, some marked, some just
plain coloured. In reality they are "wire links"
but machine insertable. Which dates the start of
their use to the mid '80s generally. I remember
scratching my head when I started to see a lot
of them! :o)

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