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Thread: Surface mount components
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Peter L. Peres wrote:
> Some sub-10R resistors are marked X.Y whch is X.Y ohms. Sub-ohm are
> sometimes marked .XX or .X. There are also single-color markings. F.ex.
> 'zero ohm' resistors are often bottle green. With some imagination they
> could pass for 0.05R. There are also zero ohm R's marked with a single 0.

You guys are softies! Try being a TV repairer doing
10 or 15 repairs a day. Each one with a number of parts
need replacing. Most commonly my resistors are grey,
totally ash grey, with maybe some charcoal coloured
patches or silvery wire stuff visible. And you complain
about color codes?? ;o)

So what do you do with a resistor with NO colors left?
One in 3 jobs we have a circuit diagram, about 20% of
whats left we can ring the service agent and ask them,
and the rest we make an educated guess as to its
value based on where it is in the circuit board
and what it probably does. We put in a "probable"
value and then run test and measure for expected
too-high or too-low symptoms. I can usually get it
right by the second resistor.

PS. Buy a cap meter!!! You can't work without an
ohmmeter can you?

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