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David VanHorn wrote:
> Snaggles again.
> I'm working on an F876 proto, and having problems programmig it in circuit.
> I was using the Picstart, but it seems that under some (not understood)
> circumstances, a new code set can cause subsequent failure of the
> programming process.
> So, what I need to know, is a reliable, practical, and inexpensive way to
> reprogram these devices in circuit.

I use Picstart Plus, with a small four wire header,
(power is supplied to the target board externally)
and have *never ever* had a glitch with any F series
part, which is is all we program incidentally.

All units are programmed in circuit and from MPLAB,
and using Microchip's own MPLAB and Picstart interface
has some convenience to it! :o)

PS. The only bad bit is having to program the entire
memory, gets slow with F877. About 4 minutes if I

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