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Thread: Anyone have a solid strategy for code that spans pages?
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> 2. Longer routines that make no (or very few) calls to the rest of the
> program can jump to another page. The routine can be called from page0
> only, but takes up just two words of page0.
> page0:
>         GOTO    LONGSUB_CONT

This only works on machines with 2 code pages.  More than two requires
setting additional PCLATH bits.

> 3. Simplified access to routines in another page. Uses extra stack level.
> Call Anysub0 from page0, call Anysub1 from page1.
> page0:
>         CALL    ANYSUB1
>         BCF     PCLHATH,3
>         RETURN

There is no need to use an extra stack level.  Just GOTO the target routine
and let it return to the caller directly.

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