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Thread: help...TMR0 interupt
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> anyone have some code that shows ALL the pieces to generate a TMR0
interupt > on
> rollover?

Here are the relevant sections of code that runs on a 16C66:

;   Set up the timer 0 configuration.  This will be used to generate
;   pixel clock interrupts.
        dbankif option_reg
        movlw   b'10001000'
                ; 1-------  port B pullups disabled (port B used for output)
                ; -X------  RB0 interrupt edge select
                ; --0-----  timer 0 source is instruction clock
                ; ---X----  timer 0 external clock edge select
                ; ----1---  prescaler assigned to watchdog timer
                ; -----XXX  prescaler value
        movwf   option_reg
;   Enable interrupts.  Interrupts will be globally enabled, but the timer
;   0 interrupt is not enabled.  This will be done by the ROTATION routine
;   at the next rotation tick.
        dbankif tmr0
        clrf    tmr0        ;leave maximum time until next timer 0 interrupt

        dbankif intcon
        clrf    intcon      ;clear any pending interrupt flags
        bsf     intcon, gie ;globally enable interrupts

;   Enable the timer 0 interrupt.
        bsf     intcon, t0ie ;make sure timer 0 interrupts are enabled

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