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Thread: "a/an" in English
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Dave Bell wrote:
> Matt Bennett <spam_OUTmjb@spam@spamHAZMAT.COM> wrote:
> >"Alexandre Domingos F. Souza" wrote:
> >> in a 8052 (another good question: In english, when you use the "a"
> >>before a number as it were consonant, or "an" as if it were a vowel?)
> >Oh, and about the a/an thing- it all depends on what the initial *sound*
> >is- if it is a vowel sound like 8502- 'an' is more proper, but a
> >consonant *sound* like 7400 would take an 'a'.

It gets even more complicated:
  A history book
  AN historical novel

Three years ago my (then) 4th grade son got into trouble with his
teacher over this.  He disputed her when she said that the use of
'a' or 'an' was based on spelling rather than pronunciation.  She
embarrassed him in front of the class ... so he made a list of
words that start with a consonant, but are preceded with an 'a',
and read them to the class.  BTW, she also pronounces jaguar as
"jag wire".

Does anybody know of an English word that starts with a vowel, but
is pronounced as though it starts with a consonant?


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