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Thread: yet another algorithm challange
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Andrew Vassallo wrote:

>Hmm, I'm assuming that your "Out1" is the MSByte.  If not, you've got
>things reversed.  I just never saw the convention "OUT+5" to indicate the
>LSByte in a hex long word.  Forgive me if you've got it right, but it
>just looks odd.

 Actually, I agree; I posted the code as I expanded it from Bob
Ammerman's suggestion. I guess it's a big- vs. little-endian thing.
I may end up reversing it, but it works. I used the same structure to
create a bit doubler, by the way. Not much longer than the lookup table
method, and there's some advantage in readability, to using the same
algorithm for both! I might make a tripler, and compare size/time between
the 6X code and (2X * 3X)... Gut feeling is that 6X is shorter, faster.

Dave Bell

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