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Thread: "a/an" in English
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Dave Bell wrote:
> Matt Bennett <KILLspammjbspamTakeThisOuTHAZMAT.COM> wrote:
> >"Alexandre Domingos F. Souza" wrote:
> >> in a 8052 (another good question: In english, when you use the "a"
> >>before a number as it were consonant, or "an" as if it were a vowel?)
> >Oh, and about the a/an thing- it all depends on what the initial *sound*
> >is- if it is a vowel sound like 8502- 'an' is more proper, but a
> >consonant *sound* like 7400 would take an 'a'.
> Yes, the fact that the word following the article is a number has no
> bearing. As in Matt's example, 8/eight takes 'an', and 7/seven takes 'a'.
> Where it gets less clear is in American vs. British English, and leading
> 'H' may get dropped. In American, we would usually say "a hat", rather
> than "an 'at"!

For acronyms you're "supposed" to always use 'an', but nobody actually does
since it sounds bad for some acronyms.

"A NASA report" vs. "An NASA report"
"An NFL playoff game"
"An NBA star"
"A JPL sponsored project"
"An IRS audit"
"A UNAV3200 autopilot" (which, BTW, uses a PIC for servo control)
"A PWM generator"
"An A/D Converter"
"A PIC microprocessor"

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