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Thread: Surface mount components
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Rich Ottosen wrote:
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[What ??? - I sure wouldn't want to cheat "you"].

Ok, the 150 and 220 also say 10%, the 471 and 101 have nothing
else on the caps, except a "bar" under the #'s.

So, now I have to remember all these @#$!!@$^%(^& exceptions !!!

>I think that capacitor manufacturers are from the dark ages. Remember
>the old caps with 6 colored dots or the ones with dots on the body with
>no obvious end to read from? They _never_ seem to mark caps in a
>consistent way even now.

No dots on my caps - I'm much too young to have ever encountered
any of those.

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Spock is turning over in his grave about now.

- danM

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