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Thread: Problems using a 1x8 chars LCD
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Hi again, and thanks for your rapid reply

>>text on the LCD i ALWAYS get a weird character(seems to be char code:
>> >10110101) and even when i do a display clear or cursor home i cant get
>> >to the first position of the LCD. Is my code wrong or have you
>> >experienced this on your own?
>Exactly WHERE is this character appearing?  In the middle of your display?
>Before the first desired character is written?  At the end of the message?
>I'll assume it's at the beginning of your message.

Sorry, its in the beginning yes...

>You have to ensure that the "E" bit is clear before you begin writing.  I
>can't be sure that it is from the code you submitted.  If it isn't, then
>your command line would not be sent until it's toggled again, which would be
>the next character.  This would make your first character/command garbage.

I can submit the whole code if thats better?
The LCD_E bit isnt set, its cleared from the very beginning of the program

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Who is Peter Ouwehand? :-)

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