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Thread: yet another algorithm challange
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>For example, in 2X mode, '0xA1' would translate to '0xCC 0x03', or in
>6X mode, to '0xFC 0x0F 0xC0 0x00 0x00 0x3F'. I planned on implementing the
>Obviously, a full byte-in, bytes-out lookup table would be horrendously
>big and inefficient of RAM or ROM.

Interesting, because a lookup table would be only 15 lines by my
calculations for 2x mode.  1 byte returned for each nibble 0-F.  6x is
another story, 3 bytes per nibble, but maybe that could be simplified.
Maybe using the 2x table in a clever way could get you what you need for the
6x mode.  It is a neat problem.


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