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Thread: color codes
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Dan Michaels <spam_OUToricomKILLspamspamSTOPspamUSWEST.NET> wrote:

>Color code is no problem - translating to #'s is where
>they should have called Mr. Spock in as consultant.

>brown-black-gold = 10? or was it ?10

In the far distant days, the metallic color band indicated tolerance:
None = 20%, silver = 10%, gold = 5%. But that would be AFTER the third, or
power-of-ten color band. If I recall correctly, metallic IN the third
digit is negative power-of-ten, placing the decimal for very small values.
I may have the order of colors wrong, but I believe this
(brown-black-gold) is 0.10 Ohm. brown-black-silver would be 1.0 Ohm.


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