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Thread: Problems using a 1x8 chars LCD
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>text on the LCD i ALWAYS get a weird character(seems to be char code:
> >10110101) and even when i do a display clear or cursor home i cant get
> >to the first position of the LCD. Is my code wrong or have you
> >experienced this on your own?

Exactly WHERE is this character appearing?  In the middle of your display?
Before the first desired character is written?  At the end of the message?
I'll assume it's at the beginning of your message.

You have to ensure that the "E" bit is clear before you begin writing.  I
can't be sure that it is from the code you submitted.  If it isn't, then
your command line would not be sent until it's toggled again, which would be
the next character.  This would make your first character/command garbage.


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Looks like you're using Peter Ouwehand's routines.  Never used them myself,
but I assume they'd work.  Note that in his routines, he calls LCDBUSY
*before* he tries to write to the display.  This routine automatically
leaves the "E" bit clear.

If you still have problems, maybe you could check directly with him about


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