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Thread: WDT
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| >     In other words, code runs for 18 ms, after that a reset is generated
| >WDT and then code runs again...
| >
| >     Does somebody know something about it?
| It's not a "problem" unless that is not what should be happening.
| That's up to you to determine, as the programmer.

   In this case, I want it...

| The PIC dosen't care, it just does what you tell it to do.

   That4s why I like PICs :)

   I asked that question because I have a little board working in a very
noisy place, program is easy, just monitor some inputs and according to them
trigger some relays... well, because of the noise my PIC used to hung up...
so I decide to reset it every 18 ms using WDT, and my problem is gone...


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